About Us

eleatzHOME (pronounced as ‘Eletz’, an abbreviation meaning ‘whom God helps’), is a Craft-based Contemporary India Textile Studio which specializes in embellished handcrafted tapestry used for curtains, wall art and anything that you want customized in textiles using techniques of layering of fabric. We handcraft stories on fabric, using sketches, doodles, or words to communicate observation about life, seasons, flowers and insects… and life.

eleatzHOME specializes in customising curtains, cushions, accessories and rugs/dhurries and more, which, continue the Story Telling across diverse craft techniques adapted to evolve a Contemporary India storyline and aesthetic.




eleatzHOME has offerings in home decor for KIDS and TEENS a well as GROWN UPS! A wide unlimited set of permutations and combinations can give you a UNIQUE interior.



‘Flying Fish in the Garden’ Night view. Sheer Organza with layering.


  • Our Studio works across budgets from low-cost to extravagant handcrafting, using techniques of intricate layering of cloth. We customise and curate by our evaluation of space and colours of the interior.
  • Our small but efficient team will keep in touch with you on progress once the order is underway.
  • Our work as curtains, cushions and rugs/dhurries is often described as a fresh breath of air.


Nisha Mathew Ghosh An Architect with a passion for textiles, the collection of hand-woven Dhurries ( ‘The day after Utteraan’, and ‘Kambli-boochi’ are part of this collection) and New CURTAIN stories such as ‘Bicycle ride-off the beaten Track’, and ‘The Creation Story’ which were commissioned works are now  available on Order. Being an avid observer of form, custom and the wondrous marvels of  God’s Creation, all of which translate as sketches and doodles on scraps of paper, Nisha later finds their story-moment …either crafted on fabric, or woven into a Dhurrie. These have found their way into the homes of many clients, and every story is unique. Certain pieces such as the drawing of ‘A day in the life of an Autorickshaw’ (copyright by Designer Soumitro Ghosh) are reproduced by eleatzHOME on cushions.

‘Flying Fish in the Garden’. Day View. Sheer Organza with layering.


Tanya Singhal

I have sheers from Eleatz designed by Nisha Mathew Ghosh and I love them for their simplicity of design and attention to detail. One of my sheers has leaves in autumn colours of various sizes falling at different heights which is unique. Whoever sees them comments on how lovely they look! In addition, I have and have also gifted Eleatz’s wood crafted anthuriums which have been much appreciated. Each stalk is uniquely crafted, with leaf veins which are subtle yet beautifully laid out. Nisha’s designs are like art adorning your walls which you can enjoy and appreciate every time!

Tanya Singhal
Tanya Singhal - Tanya Singhal, an independent Business Continuity (BCP) consultant based in Bangalore who will help you design and test recovery strategies so that your business remains up, running and resilient inspite of business disruptions.

I am a client of EleatzHOME decor. I recently purchased some of the silk and organza cushion covers as well as some window sheers. I have to say I'm in love with the decor. I love the intricate designs and the quality of the fabric used. What I like the most is the attention given to finishing - all stitches are beautifully executed, which is a good demonstration of skill. The decor and themes are extremely contemporary that transforms your house into a creative space. I particularly liked the dragonfly sheer - the complex yet beautiful detailing stands out powerfully in blue. Overall, Eleatz Home Studio in Koramangala, Bangalore is a great place to buy your home decor!

DEEPTI - Deepti calls herself a Bangalorean-at-heart, and is a freelance content writer and home decor enthusiast.

As anybody, I was super enthusiastic in making my home. NISHA worked wonders with simple fabrics which were organic and rich at the same time. Making Nisha understand my liking was easy and comfortable, as this is a very important factor working with a designer. Very innovative, creative, she understood very quickly our likes and dislikes. I thank team eleatzHOME for all their efforts.

RITU JAIN - Ritu Jain : A mother of two and a Homemaker. Ritu says " Sunil and I are married for 21 years now and making our house together was a landmark in our lives."