Sheer Curtains for Grown-ups

by ELEATZ HOME |November 27, 2017 |0 Comments

Sheer and evanescent, and absolutely able to see blue skies and the green leaves outside! These Sheers are a must for natural light, and day-privacy.


01. Sunburst or Sunflower smile.
The profusion of petals in WHITE on white, creates a classic which you won’t ever tire of.


02. Falling Maple leaves.

This will remind you of autumn and the breeze carrying leaves to make a carpet on the floor, and depending on the colours you choose, you can perk up the room with zest.


03. Delicate Vine.

Reminds you of the delicate trail of a vine. It is so delicate and pretty that it melds into the decor of any room which is not-so-large, and makes it look great!