Cushions for Grown-ups

by ELEATZ HOME |November 28, 2017 |0 Comments

These accents are only to suggest to you that anything is possible for us to customise. Each story on a cushion may be combined with other colours to create either a bright splash of colour or detail on muted sofas, meant to intrigue you with their meanings. Every design may be customised to your colour preference.


01. Hide and Seek. A play on straight lines and dots, inspired by a walk through trees on a moonlit night. Silk layers on silk base. 


02. Hide and Seek. Detail. Orange on pink base.


03. Hide and Seek. Detail. White trees on black silk base, orange trees on pink base.


04. Hide and Seek. Whitened RED silk and Whitened BLUE silk bases with deep red piping. Contrasting rich dark red, and royal blue rear silk covering.


05. SeaScape. Golden silk base with turquoise blue silk accents. 


06. Deep Sea Dive. Sequins on blue silk base.


07. Sunburst. Black and white.


08. SeaScape. Black silk and gold sequins.


09. SeaScape. Coral red silk with dull white layer and glimmer-white sequins.


10. Leaf fossil imprints. On Linen with threadwork embellishment.


11. Ferns tropical. White silk with threadwork embellishment. Set of 2.


12. Bougainvillea Pink: Off-White silk base with layered organza orange-pink Bougainvillea. Deep pink-magenta piping. 


13. Delicate vine with butterfly. Black and white modern with ornate butterfly (motif is detachable for wash).


14. Christmas trees. Threadwork and print on silk base with bright red piping.


15. Bougainvillea Pink. Style B (threadwork and layering). Detail.


16. Bougainvillea. Style A (layering) and Style B( threadwork with layering). On Off white silk base. 


17.  Bougainvillea White. On black base with white silk organza layers. Style C (layering)


18. A study of Anthurium. Set of 3. Black silk base with white and red silk inlayers.


19. A Study of Anthurium. Detail.