Cushions & Blinds For Kids and Teens

by ELEATZ HOME |November 28, 2017 |0 Comments

Motifs and colour, references to flora and fauna, make their way as stories into these accessories.


01. Part of the Four Seasons series, evocative of life, the seasons and the beauty of God’s creation


02. More of the Four Seasons series


03. Detail. Layers of fabric create interest.


04. Four seasons and more. Customise to your colours!


05. A shoal of fish perhaps or just an abstraction of its pattern. Silken colours work beautifully to create many hues. Add on button up motifs come with it. Easy to remove for dry-clean.


06. A butterfly alights onto the delicate vine. Black and white, white on black and a dash of colour! (please Move this to the end of the list after 15)


07. Add-on Fish motifs on an aqua scene.


08. Add-on Motifs (whale and octopus at deliberately distorted scales to create the vastness of scale and a fantasy world!). 18 x 18 cushion cover. Black and gold (small motif ) background.Threadwork, sequins and layering.


09. Add-on Motifs (large octopus at deliberately distorted scale to create a fantasy world!). 12 x 12 cushion cover. Black and gold (large motif ) background.


10. Coral Red silk with sea motifs. Threadwork, sequins and layering. 


11. Caterpillar on purple grass. Layering of fabric. Available on order only. 


12. 35 x 35 pure silk back cushion/sham on King sized bed. Layered dragonfly motif. Silk organza lon silk 200 gm lined silk.


13. A couple of lady-birds sit on the sunburst motif. 


14. Detail. Ladybirds like this flower! Customised to colour and size.