Rugs and Dhurries Kids and Teens

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This collection is designed by NishaMathewGhosh based on observation, and doodles, or curated sketches by others. Indian Wool.

01. The Green Sleeping Caterpillar. Green on Green.  Sketch by Nayantara Ghosh @ 6 years.


02. Detail of The Green Sleeping Caterpillar. 


03. The Red Sleeping Caterpillar. Sketch by Nayantara Ghosh@ 6 years.


04. Donkey. Black and White.  Sketch by NishaMathewGhosh


06. Crawling Caterpillar. Sketch by NishaMathewGhosh.


07. Crawling Caterpillar. Detail. Sketch by NishaMathewGhosh.

Dhurries n Rugs

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This collection of Cotton Dhurries and Indian Wool rugs designed by NishaMathewGhosh documents stories familiar to the designer such as ‘Kambliboochi’- the once ubiquitous itchy back caterpillar of Bangalore, now rarely to be seen, Or perhaps the impressions of the kites festivals of India.


 01. Warm mud brown cotton The day after ‘Utteran’ (India’s kite festival). White. 08Dhurrie with pristine white leaf impression. 5′ x 5′.


02. Dual tone runner in grey and beige cotton Dhurrie with an orange leaf impression. 12′ x 2.5′


03. Deep charcoal grey cotton Dhurrie with orange and white leaf impression. 3′ x 5′.


04. Washed grey cotton Dhurrie with motif of dancing dragonfly(with wings that whirr!). 4′ x 6′


05. Tones of grey Indian-wool Rug, with dense ferns in tropical embrace in forest light. 3′ x 5′


06. The day after ‘Utteran’ (India’s kite festival). White.



07. The day after ‘Utteran’ (India’s kite festival). Blue.


08. The day after ‘Utteran’ (India’s kite festival). Maroon.