Linen blinds and curtains for Grown-ups

We love the luxurious coarse-fineness of linen in sheers or opaques for window dressing!


01. A casual parting of white linens with dull gold trims at the edges.


02. Simply classic white linen with a dull gold rim, inspired by tropical Kerala. Swathe of cloth parted to side spells country chic!


03. Roman blinds in a dual toned white linen with dull gold blended fabric. 


04. Double layer of London blinds, stitched with apron to create layering. Fossil leaf motifs in thread work embroidery create pale imprints of the delicate patterns of a leaf. 


05. Lotus Filigree 


06. Lotus Filigree Detail


07. Dragonfly Filigree


08. Bottle-Brush Leaf Filgree

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